Concept Provence

Charly Molinelli and Renata Negroni

Inspired by beauty of Provence, in Southern France, our family project Concept Provence offer a large selection of a world famous soap from Marseille and also presents a series of a natural body treatment. The main idea of our concept is to unify only unique elements, which together with Provencal accent creates the harmony of body and soul. Continue reading

Supercross at home with The NAC NAC Stool

Charly Molinelli

– Inspired by the motocross industry, The NACNAC stool will bring racing spirit into your home. Available in the limited edition numbered, each stool is crafted out of hand-made by experienced craftsman located in Corsica.   `

Crashed Ferrari Table

© 2011 Charly Molinelli. All rights reserved

– Very few of us get to drive a Ferrari. That’s a fact. A worse fact is that some of the Ferraris on the market today are being crashed and destroyed. That’s hard to imagine for us, normal people, but … Continue reading